The Columbia Social Entrepreneurship Group (CSEG) connects social ventures in the Greater New York area with creative solutions by a small, focused team of undergraduate students at Columbia University offered at no cost to the organization.  


New York City serves as a hub for non-profit or socially-conscious for-profit organizations seeking to increase their footprint and establish strategic partnerships with larger social enterprises. For organizations in the area with limited resources, CSEG provides concrete, actionable recommendations on business management, product development, data management and analysis, process optimization, and market scoping.

All CSEG clients must demonstrate a clear social mission, and recommendations made by our student consultants are sensitive to these objectives. Within this constraint, there is no one type of approved client.



By fostering partnerships with enterprises in the New York area, CSEG offers competitive students an experiential learning opportunity in business management, consulting, and the complexity of the social impact private sector.  Student consultants are trained by advisors with expertise in the consulting and business management industry, and direct these skills toward a full-scale deliverable that they provide to their clients.