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The Columbia Social Entrepreneurship Group delivers solutions and recommendations to non-profits, social enterprises, and other social impact organizations in New York City. We pair dedicated teams of students with faculty and experts both within and outside the Columbia community to provide tailored expertise and solutions for the organizations we work with.

CSEG provides a wide array of services both in regards to enterprise development (developing revenue models, doing market and user research, building metrics dashboards, creating distribution and go-t0-market strategies, etc.), as well as services tailored specifically for social impact organizations (quantifying social impact, creating organizer toolkits, etc.).

Proudly Serving NYC

New York City is a world-wide hub for socially conscious work and is home to thousands of social impact organizations. CSEG’s engagement model relies on working side-by-side with our clients to provide the most meaningful and impactful work we can. By focusing on the NYC community, we ensure that we can work closely with our partners to deliver on that mission.

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